Video could be your solution during this unpredictable moment.

Video communication has never been more important than now.
We are now finding ourselves in a crisis where video and live streaming has become our most effective and truest connection point. This helps friends and family to keep their connection and relationships going, but it also helps companies to keep or start growing their businesses.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small business owner with a physical store without customers, a restaurant that soon needs to shut your doors, a theatre or a speaker with an empty stand or a gym or yoga studio without any participants. Video and live streaming could be a solution for your company during this unpredictable moment.

How? Here are some practical and creative tips to use video as a tool to keep your customers happy and still develop your business.

All gyms closed? Time for home fitness

One industry where video can be a lifesaver is fitness studios, and for their instructors.

A perfect example of that is Altromondo Yoga. They have moved their business from being just a physical studio to a complete digital yogastudio. Now their customers can still participate in all yoga classes and Altromondo has a new important income. Win-win, right?

Time to digitize concerts and theatres

Musicians, theatres and dance schools are other victims during this tough crisis. And even for them video and live streaming can be a strong helping hand. For instance,
Blackbox have found live streaming and video as a crucial solution for their upcoming music events. Because, instead of canceling every event, they are now streaming them online and instead of selling physical tickets, they are now selling pay-per-view streams. 

Online education is here to stay

It’s wrong to think that your company is just selling a product or service. Because, your purpose is to bring a good service and create value to your customers. Therefore, every interaction you have with potential customers should be included in your business strategy. Online education is another perfect example where live streaming and video can be crucial for your business. Why? Because live streaming can allow your company to provide interactive lessons with real time comments, which enables you to get direct contact with your audience and create a unique bond. Did your customer not make the lesson in time. Well, just watch the replay.

How awesome is that? 

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