Live chat, video editor, advanced analytics, design tools and ads management.
Here are the most used features on Solidtango that you need to know about.

More and more creators and companies uses live streaming as the number one tool to tell their story or communicating with their customers. Solidtango is the leading streaming platform in Sweden and have been providing thousands of customers with a complete solution since 2008.

Except of being a highly considered platform, Solidtango also offers a lot of useful features and functionalities.
Here is a list of some of the most popular features that you need to know about.

Design your unique channel.

The heart of every company is the brand. Your graphical profile and personal design is therefore very important.
With Solidtango you have the opportunity to create a unique channel, the way you want it to look and making sure your customer recognise the brand when they visit your channel.

Design your channel the way you want.

Interact with your audience live.

The reason why more and more marketers start working with live video is the power of live interaction with the audience. With Solidtango, you have the chance to both communicate and moderate a conversation with the live chat function during your live stream. It’s also a great tool to use during an educational live stream or when you are planning to do a Q&A session after a completed tutorial, workshop or live show.

Communicate live during a live stream.

Achieve your goals with analytics 

How many have watched your videos? From where and with what device? What is your most popular content? How much revenue did your channel make during a specific time? Get all the answers quick and easy with Solidtangos advanced analytics dashboard.

Get valuable insights from the analytics dashboard.

Don’t loose your viewers with CTA

End of live stream or video doesn’t mean your opportunity to get your customers attention is ended. With the Solidtango call to action function, you have the opportunity to guide your viewers to visit your site, ticket store or e-commerce platform. It’s very easy. Create a nice picture with a clear message and add a CTA-link on it in your admin section. Voilà! There is perfect way to keep your audience activated and increase the chances of making them return or to buy another product.

Using CTA is both easy and effective.

Increase your revenue with ads

On Solidtango there is a lot of ways for you and your company to create new revenue with video and live streaming.
Except the advanced payment solution and opportunity to use pay-per-view, you also have the possibility to publish your own ads and make them viewable before every started stream. No tricky system or integration is needed. Just upload your ads and setup how you want them to be prioritize directly from the admin dashboard.

Publish your own ads and prfioritize them the way you want.

Make it easy to watch

When your live stream is ended it’s important to understand that there is still some job to be done. Some viewers that couldn’t watch you video live, may want to take part of the content afterwards. Dividing your videos into chapters will make it easier for viewers to find the part they are looking for. And you know what? It’s an easy thing to to do with Solidtangos video chapter feature.

Divid your videos with chapters and make it easy for your viewers to find the part they want to watch.

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