“This is the future for the music industry”

During 2006 the first season of the legendary music documentary “Live from Abbey Road” began filming the first season from world famous Abbey Road Studios.

A first class show and for many, a first big step for the music industry to become an online experience.
14 years later, during a pandemic nightmare no one could ever imagine, music events and concerts online are crucial steps for the whole industry.

The Swedish production company Blackbox has already realised it and acclimatised quickly to the new circumstances.
They have switched from outsold arenas to an online experience on Solidtango and are now selling pay-per-view instead of concert tickets.

“This is the future for the music industry. Especially now when all live concerts are being canceled” says Jonatan Naslund, Sound Engineer at Blackbox production.


”We have no other choice than to change”

“This is a new and innovative way for musicians, theatres and concerts to create an online business. It’s an opportunity that has been waiting for us during a long time but a step many have been afraid to take. Now, the industry have no other choice then to adapt”

For a short time, many reports and experts have been predicting that online streaming will explode for the music industry in the future.
Today that future is a reality – on every screen.

“I highly believe in this concept. This gives us the opportunity to survive this crisis and at the same time helps all the artists. Instead of pulling out their hat and asking for money they can keep on performing online”

“If it hasn’t already, I think the need for a good streaming service will explode for everyone working in the entertainment industry”

Countries, citys, communities, villages have been shut down around the world.
Sport events, music festivals, concerts and theatres are locking down.
People stay at home behind locked doors.

But new technology has made it possible for the music and cultural industry to keep on going. It can be a lifesaver for every artist, actor, speaker or comedian who are willing to take a brave step into the online world.

“The response from our artists has been great. They really like the online experience we have created and are of course very happy to be able to keep on doing what they are best at – performing in front of an audience”

Watch a teaser from one of the latest online concerts from Blackbox below.
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